I make videos under the Youtube Channel "Classic Ed".

Hello, I'm Ed. Join me as we rediscover the classics in gaming, tech, and software. From retrospectives and nostalgic stories to obscure tech and gaming psychology.

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What Happened to That's My Sonic? thumbnail

What Happened to That's My Sonic?

That's My Sonic was a popular but also terrible and unfunny sprite comic from the early to late 00's. It catapulted it's creator, ...

Gaming Through Darkness thumbnail

Gaming Through Darkness

Playing games to help you through the dark times.

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All Videos

Every video in chronological order just incase you want to watch everything

Ratchet and Clank thumbnail
Nostalgia Stuff thumbnail
Commander Keen thumbnail
Games That Ruined Your Life thumbnail

Games That Ruined Your Life

A series about weird, unfair or particularly difficult moments in some good old games

Random Stuff thumbnail

Random Stuff

I don't know where else to put these videos

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Mini Docs

Interesting things

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Music used in my videos

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Sorry I'm not actually very funny

Game Analyses thumbnail

Game Analyses

Long-form videos about those good old games The plural of analysis is analyses. Apparently.