In Which I Break Free From My Sister's Banana Boycott

I was the younger sibling in my household, thus, I had the tendancy to copy what my older sister did.

I used to eat bananas, until one day, she said she hated bananas. Well, I must hate bananas too!

I never ate a banana again.

The End.

A really badly drawn, out of proportion banana

Actually more recently, I've been trying to get over my preconceptions of foods I don't "like". Despite never touching oranges, clementines or kiwis, I now regularly eat all of them.

But bananas, those were a psychological barrier that I found incredibly difficult to overcome. I've had them blended up into smoothies where you can't tell they're there, but an actual, whole banana? I couldn't do it.

One day, I just thought this is ridiculous. I've read enough psychology books to know that if I eat bananas, my brain will decide "Why would we eat bananas if we didn't like them?".

So I ate a damn banana, finally, and although my body resisted by making me feel nauseous, that banana was perfectly good.

Infact, now, I love bananas. I eat them all the time, they're the ideal fruit. So easy and convenient to eat. I even save the skins and cook and eat those as well.

Oh and by the way, my sister has been merrily eating bananas this whole time because it turns out she was just being a petulant child.

This is about bananas, but it's also about overcoming preconceptions. There are so many things I don't do or put off because they're scary, or it's easier to just not do them.

So basically I didn't eat a banana for about 25 years because somebody else said they didn't like them.

Just eat the damn banana.

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