Here you can find various code snippets and projects I have worked on.

I've worked on a range of different projects including data science, front-end web development, games and web scrapers.

You can also find any certificates for courses I've completed, along with lots and lots of solutions to programming problems I've worked on.

Use the filters to find what you're searching for. I mostly work with Python, Javascript and Gamemaker, but I like to try lots of different things.

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The repository for this website. It's my website for showing things I've worked on and for occassionally writing meaningless blog posts. The repo contains various tools I use to generate some of the pages for this website (like this one!)

Tags: web, html, css, javascript, python, frontend

Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

Certificate of completion of Udemy course on Python for Data Science and Machine Learning. The course covers fundamentals of Data Science from usage of Numpy and Python right through to deep learning.

Tags: python, udemy, certificate, data

The Git & Github Bootcamp

Certificate of completion of Udemy course on Git and Github. The course covers basic and advanced use of Git, Github and different workflows.

Tags: git, udemy, certificate, command-line

Design a CPU

Certificate of completion of Udemy course on CPU design. The course covers the design of a CPU from the ground up, including the design of the instruction set, the ALU, the control unit, the memory unit, and the assembler.

Tags: udemy, certificate

Codewars Solutions Scraper

Offline Beautiful Soup or live Selenium web scraper for Codewars solutions. Scrapes solutions from Codewars and categorises them into files and folders.

Tags: python, web-scraping, beautiful-soup, selenium, codewars

Codewars Solutions Set

This is my solutions set for all Codewars problems I have solved. I scrape the solutions using the solutions scraper I made. The problems are categorised into files and folders for easy navigation. Each individual solution links back to the original problem on Codewars.

Tags: algorithms, python, mathematics, regex, codewars, javascript, c, c-sharp, sql, shell, command-line, brainfuck, esoteric-programming, prolog, powershell, oop

Codewars Data Analysis

A Jupyter Notebook which both sources and analyses data gathered from Codewars problems I've solved. This is an all-inclusive project showing data sourcing, cleaning and visualisation.

Tags: python, web-scraping, selenium, codewars, regex, data


A static website with a visual style inspired by DOS. The website is based off Discord, allowing you to explore different servers and channels and see what people have been saying. The website is built using HTML, CSS and Javascript. It is very much a work in progress.

Tags: web, frontend, html, css, javascript

Tombstone Tapes

Tombstone Tapes is a website in the style of Windows 95. It features a Windows 95 theme, real time clock, and functional Start Menu.

Tags: web, html, css, javascript, frontend

No-Javascript Tag Filtering

A simple tag filtering system that uses only CSS. No Javascript required. It's used on this site!

Tags: web, html, css, codepen, frontend

Ben Was Assimilated

Ben Was Assimilated is a hack n slash style game where things only move when you do. Includes assimilation. This game is extremely modular and can be easily modified to create new levels and enemies.

Tags: game-dev

A Relaxing Typing Game

A Relaxing Typing Game is a chill typing game for people who like typing for the sake of typing. To date, this is my most popular game. It was front-paged on Newgrounds with over 20,000 plays.

Tags: game-dev

Other Minds

Other Minds is a pixel art style game where you play as Ed and Sage. Ed is your human who you can use for your standard platforming action, whereas Sage can fly around freely and take control of any other character. Other Minds was my first major project and also a major learning experience. It features highly modular character code and complex emergent behaviour.

Tags: game-dev

Remember Mary

Remember Mary is a narrative-driven surrealist adventure game. It follows Mary, a young girl in a world filled with her friends who she can help or hurt. Presented in squigglevision. I made it in about 9 days for the "I can't write but want to tell a story" jam. It is purposefully simplistic in its gameplay so that the player can focus on the story and the world. It has a morality system and multiple endings, such that your actions are meaningful and also the order you take your actions in can also affect the game world and feel. It's also secretly a game about how 18th Century feminist philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft found herself driven to suicide because she found her life to be in such a hopeless situation.

Tags: game-dev

Silent Bill

The evil ducks have trapped you in a beach hut, you must find a way to escape before they kill you! Silent Bill was made for the "I can't draw but I want to make a game" game jam, and so, artwork very much takes a back seat here. The game is a simple point and click escape room with a few puzzles.

Tags: game-dev

Justin Wall's Cooking Simulator

Cook dinner and murder your entire family! Justin Wall's Cooking Simulator is an ARG-styled game that consists of a series of 4 games. Players must both find the link to the next game, and also find the password in order to access the next game. Each game features two endings. One of which will allow you to progress.

Tags: game-dev

BalL DuDe AdVENtures TOo

Ball Dude is back and he has eaten too much jelly (jello if you're American). Sometimes it's good to take a step back and stop worrying so much about making something that's actually good. With great skill as a developer, you have the power to make something really bad. Not just bad by accident, an actively hateful game. This game was made for the Game Breaker's Toolkit 8 game jam.

Tags: game-dev, fun, esoteric-programming

Sudoku Solve Algorithm

Algorithm built in Python that uses recursion to test every possible valid combination of numbers until a solution is found. Can solve human-unsolvable sudokus.

Tags: python, gist, algorithms, mathematics, backtracking, recursion

Discord Comic Sans-ifier

A Google Chrome browser extension to replace all text on Discord with Comic Sans.

Tags: javascript, web, browser-extension

Vaporwave Button

A very aesthetic button.

Tags: web, html, css, codepen, frontend

Cool Rainbow Buttons

Some very cool buttons that I made. Used on this website's homepage!

Tags: web, html, css, codepen, frontend

The Worst CSS Ever!

I was tasked with making the worst CSS ever for the Gamebreaker's Toolkit 8 game jam. I think I succeeded.

Tags: web, html, css, frontend, fun, esoteric-programming

Python Implementation of Linked Lists

A linked list implementation including a few methods: insert at position, remove at position, get position, reverse, and more. Also includes a few unit tests.

Tags: python, data-structures, gist, oop, unit-testing

Hello World but it's stupid

A really stupid Hello World program in Javascript.

Tags: javascript, gist, hello-world, fun, esoteric-programming

Colourful numbers checker

A colourful number is a number for which the product of each subset of digits is unique. This program checks if a number is colourful or not.

Tags: python, gist, algorithms, mathematics

Fizz Buzz but it's OOP

Modular Fizz Buzz implementation using object oriented programming in Python.

Tags: python, gist, oop, fun, esoteric-programming

Hello World but it's horribly inefficient

An implementation of Hello World which takes a really long time to run. Unless it doesn't. Because it's random. I got this to pass on Codewars without timing out (eventually).

Tags: javascript, gist, hello-world, fun, esoteric-programming